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JSF Creative launched in 2021 with a commitment to clarity, integrity, and community-minded growth as our core values. Based in Spokane, Washington, I’m delighted to help creatives, nonprofit organizations, and entrepreneurs reach their goals across the Inland and Pacific Northwest. My belief is that communities thrive when we forge meaningful connections with and celebrate the successes of our peers.

Jane Sutherland-Farstrider

JSF Creative

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Content Writing

Curiosity pushes me to ask big questions and create fresh, fact-focused content that informs and connects with the people it matters to most. With experience in news and feature writing, bringing clarity to complex subjects for the average reader has become as natural as brewing my morning cup of coffee. While I always enjoy exploring new topics, my goal is always to shed light on the nuances of the human experience.


Be sure your content looks its best without stressing over the details ― I handle the boring stuff so you don’t have to! My personal approach keeps you as involved as you want to be, delivering crystal clear and error-free copy every time. Maybe you’re looking to take your up-and-coming blog to the next level with some precision editing. Or perhaps you need to spruce up a hefty article riddled with technical jargon. Whatever the project, your success is my top priority.


You know your vision better than anyone, but when it comes to building your brand, a professional touch can make all the difference in the world. I work with you to illuminate your great ideas with thoughtfully crafted copy that resonates with your audience ― without the cringe-worthy marketing tactics we’re all tired of seeing. I specialize in creating personalized website landing pages and marketing copy for a more engaging user experience.

Testimonial for precision writing and editing

Jane has most recently solved several holiday deadline rush problems for us. Her extensive copywriting work made our client’s website flow narratively in a way that coordinated with layout requirements and brand voice – and everything was done on time! I hardly needed to edit her work at all; a mere fact check was enough.

In addition to her professional skills, Jane is just the coolest person to work with. Her disarmingly calm demeanor, thoughtful questions, and gentle feedback create a more kind work environment. She seeks to understand, not put down.

Aascot Bohlander, Co-Founder

Sprout Partners

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I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Jane, and came to know her as a truly valuable asset to our team. She is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Jane could be trusted to handle difficult, time-sensitive projects and to prioritize multiple tasks efficiently. 

Steve Davenport, Principal Planner (retired)

Spokane County Building and Planning

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